Joanne Smart

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This is My Story

There are two very distinct calls upon my life; the one towards creativity and the other towards ministry. I matriculated at Pro Arte in 98 and studied Fine Art through UNISA the following year, but by 2002, due to the call towards ministry I switched over to theology. I served in fulltime ministry for 10 years. Throughout this time, both my engagement with people, and my understanding of God constantly drew me back towards the journey of exploring my creativity.

In 2008 I started focusing more seriously on painting again, and was commissioned to paint paintings for Brooklyn Methodist Church.

In 2009 I started teaching art and completed my Theology degree.

In 2010 I joined The Academy of fine art and exhibited in Pretoria.  I hoped that these two calls would fuse as one and that somehow I could depict something of the mystery of the divine coming to us through the ordinary, through the details that we often overlook.