Children's Art Classes

Unleash Your Child's Creativity

Children’s Art Classes

Children’s art classes offer a child a creative way of expressing themselves. Our art classes allows your child to unleash his/her creativity.  Children are taught various aspects of drawing and painting and will be creating amazing art whilst learning about the techniques of art’s greatest masters. Classes are focused on enhancing students unique styles.

Techniques Taught

Children are very open to ideas and information and to learn how to draw and feel confident about their art is important for positive self esteem.  Drawing from imagination is very important at this age and teaching them a few art concepts that can be applied to their drawings will open their creativity and imagination. Children are taught to draw from observing the world around them “seeing” and noticing details that then are translated to paper. These art classes also teach children the proper use of brushes, color mixing using acryllic and tempera paint and other mediums such as charcoal, pencils, soft and oil pastels.

More About The Classes

These art classes are for children from the ages of 6 to 16 and normally last for two hours once a week.

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